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About me:

I held as the final position a Chair of Physiology of Human Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. My main research interests are control mechanisms in mammalian metabolism. I am a nutrition expert by training and worked in Germany, UK and USA. Have been awarded as a member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and served as an advisor for national and international funding agencies, ministries, and research centers. There are around 480 scientific papers and reviews with my name and my contribution and I gave around 600 oral presentations as invited speaker. I am priviledged to have received numerous scientific awards including the most prestigious science award in the state of Bavaria.


Ich bin Ernährungswissenschaftlerin mit Promotion und Habilitation im Fach Biochemie der Ernährung. Ich war in Gießen, Glasgow/UK sowie in Pittsburgh/USA tätig, lehnte eine Reihe von Berufungsangeboten in Leitungsfunktionen (u.a. Direktorin Leibniz-Institut, Präsidentin Max-Rubner-Institut) zugunsten einer universitären Laufbahn mit Lehrstühlen an der Universität Gießen und der TU-München ab. Ich bin Mitglied der Akademie der Wissenschaften Leopoldina sowie weiterer nationaler und internationaler Gremien. Habe mehr als 480 wissenschaftliche Originalpublikationen sowie eine Vielzahl von sonstigen Beiträgen und Buchkapiteln vorzuweisen und erhielt eine Reihe bedeutender Preise, so u.a. den PRO MERITIS SCIENTIAE ET LITTERARUM sowie die Verfassungsmedaille und den Verdienstorden des Freistaats Bayern. Obwohl emeritiert, bin ich weiterhin als wissenschaftliche Beraterin von Institutionen und Unternehmen tätig.

I was invited recently to give a talk at the Nutrition Forum of the Danone Institute in Mexico on "Microbiome analysis for Personalised Nutrition" in which I critcially assessed the "value" of microbiome profiling from a single stool sample with all adherent problems in quality of analysis and meaning of findings. In addition I present data on the many variables of the exposome that underly the variance of the microbiome in its composition and diversity with a variety of studies that demonstrate that dietary maneuvers have only little effects on microbiome diversity. The final section is devoted to personalized nutrition (PN) approaches and the outcomes from those scientific studies that tested PN in academic settings.


If you have time you are welcome to watch this video.
I shall provide the literature to you on request - just send me an email. 

This is a video of my talk at the Munich Metabolomics Conference 


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